Friday, 10 August 2007

A Little about Us

Here are the members of this blog which contribute to posts and scouting:


Mika likes whispers, the sea, sweets, wine, smiles, hugs, spontaneous hugs, hugs again, her dog, meeting new people and listening to live good music.Her hobbies are sleeping, swimming, travelling, and sleeping again. She describes herself as a person with weird and silly ideas all wrapping up in a hyper mood on a smiley face.


Is the young one of the lot. 16 thinking of 18 =)
Her style is a tad glam with an indie-punk tomboy thing going on.She's a Literature and Photography nerd. She is very fond of her checkers ,stripes and tartan . She has to have her tartan.Beads,scarves and babydoll shirts are her thing.Cider,baileys and red wine...classy.


14 years old. Music is her drug. She's addicted to ice tea. She loves taking walks, shopping, scarves, her friends, art and many things. She has a huge obsession with stars. Sometimes gets really weird. She's a little shy.

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